654 Hour Massage Certification

Massage School Mission & Philosophy Statement

It is the mission of the Center for Massage & Natural Health to offer the highest quality education in massage therapy, bodywork and natural healing modalities to all who desire to become an integral part of natural health care and those who are already practitioners of the healing arts and sciences.

We maintain a philosophy of integrity in the educational process, which honors the wisdom and innate gifts of all our staff and students alike. 

Educating our students to become successful health care providers is our number one priority.  

654-Hour Massage Certification Program

Calendar & Program Dates

Upcoming 600 Hour Certificate Program Dates

Winter 2023 Class
Jan 3, 2023 - Aug 1, 2023:
2 Days (Mon/Tues) plus 13 clinics
Student Clinical Wednesday, Thursday or Sundays

Spring 2023 Class
April 10 - Nov 14, 2022:  654 Hours 
2 Days (Mon/Tues), plus 13 clinics

Monday & Tuesday, 8AM-5PM
Student Clinical  Thursday or Sunday *600 Hour ends Nov 2nd.....
The Admissions Process


At our massage school, we accept students from all over the world. We carefully interview every applicant to make sure they fulfill our admissions requirements and are able to successfully complete our program. This is a list of our basic enrollment requirements:
• Provide proof of being 18 years or older
• Provide proof of high school graduation or GED Certification
• Complete a personal interview
• Be academically capable (willing and able to participate in all course work)
• Be mentally and emotionally prepared
• Be physically prepared and free from communicable disease
• Have clear, ethical intentions and be of good moral character
• Be able to demonstrate a clear plan for meeting financial agreements
• Have no significant logistical issues (including transportation, time and energy availability)
• Have no serious criminal convictions (CFMNH does not conduct background checks, but the North Carolina State Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy does. Please contact the N.C. Board directly with questions about this.)


There are no application deadlines, however, class sizes are limited and enrollment ends when classes are filled. Prospective students are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible. Get started now by filling out your Enrollment Application online.
The basic flow of our admissions process is as follows:
1. Submit your initial Enrollment Application & pay your non-refundable $50 Application Fee. This is done online, and will take 10-30 minutes depending on the length of your responses. Get started with this now.
2. After reviewing your Application, our admissions staff will contact you to schedule an interview. All interviews are done in person when possible; skype interviews are conducted for all applicants applying from out of area.
3. After completion of your interview, you will be notified of your denial or acceptance.

Upon acceptance into our program, we require the following to secure your seat and enrollment in the program:
• Signed Student Enrollment Agreement
• $250 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable, holds your spot in the class and covers enrollment admin costs)

Once you are accepted, you may begin the Federal Financial Aid process and/or make appropriate arrangements for financing your education. Please see our Financial Aid page for the many financial options (including an Academic Scholarship) that we offer at our Asheville massage school.

*NOTE TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you plan to attend our program directly after you graduate, you are welcome to start the application process early. Please submit your application to us without your High School Diploma and we will begin the enrollment process with you. Once you graduate from HS, you will need to submit a copy of your diploma to complete your Admissions Application and to begin our program.

NOTE: Before you can be begin our program, we must have the following documents:
• A recent photograph of yourself
• A photocopy of your high school diploma, GED certificate or college transcripts

These items can be e-mailed to admissions@centerformassage.com or mailed/dropped off in person to 16 Eagle Street, Asheville NC 28801.  
Course Curriculum
Our 6-month, 600-hour Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification Program is designed to take you through an extraordinary, evolutionary process of learning.  During the Covid-19 Emergency, the classroom portion is reduced to two days a week and the program length is 31 weeks.  This facilitates everyone's ability to complete the program successfully.

We begin with setting a solid foundation in Swedish Massage and in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology.

We then take our students on a journey through introductions to other exciting bodywork modalities, allowing you to explore a wide range of approaches.

It is our goal to provide you with hands-on experience in the most popular and sought-out modalities in the massage therapy industry so that you are best equipped to accept and maintain the broadest range of clients, as well as becoming some of the most desired professionals for potential employers.

We finish our program with a focus on education that will support you to successfully apply your new massage therapy & bodywork skills in a professional capacity: Business & Marketing, Professional Ethics for Bodyworkers, and North Carolina Laws & Rules (specific to this state but helpful anywhere).

By Graduation, you will be prepared to enter the rewarding health care field of massage therapy and bodywork with confidence from the abundance of education and practical experience you will have received from attending our program.

Each course, including the sciences, assumes no prior knowledge and has no pre-requisite with the exception of our Supervised Clinical Practice segment, which requires successful completion of the previous course material.

Our teacher/student ratio is 16:1 for hands-on bodywork instruction and 32:1 for lectures. NOTE: A clock hour is defined as a 60-minute block of time consisting of a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction (in the physical presence of a staff member) with appropriate breaks.

Average Class Size: 16  

Massage & Bodywork Therapy - 252Hours

• Swedish Massage 80 Hours
• Neuromuscular Therapy 28 Hours
• Myofascial / Deep Tissue Therapy 16 Hours
• CranioSomatic/Sacral Therapy Technique 12 Hours
• Sports Massage 12 Hours
• Pregnancy and Geriatric Massage 12 Hours
• Hydrotherapy 16 Hours
• Spa Treatments and Aromatherapy 16 Hours
• Chair Massage 12 Hours • Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure) 12 Hours
• Integrative Massage 24 Hours
• Reflexology Massage 8 Hours
• Clinic Orientation & Practice Session 4 Hours

 The Sciences - 202 Hours

• The Musculoskeletal System 80 Hours :  Includes 10 hours of Palpation
• General Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology 110 Hours:  Includes 14 hours of Palpation
• Oriental Medical Theory 12 Hours

Allied & Self-Care Modalities - 40 Hours

• Somatic Psychology 20 Hours
• Energy-Based Work 12 hours
• Nutrition 8 Hours
• Herbology 8 Hours

Professionalism - 32 Hours

• Business & Marketing 16 Hours
• Professional Ethics for Massage Therapists 8 Hours
• North Carolina Laws & Rules 8 Hours

Supervised Clinical Practice - 100 Hours

• Hands-On, Real-Time, at our Massage Therapy Center
• 60 Massage Therapy Sessions Before Graduation
• All Sessions Evaluated by Client and Faculty

Orientation, Reviews & Finals - 20 Hours

• Orientation 4 Hours
• Exam Review 12 Hours
• Final Exam 4 Hours
Tuition and Financial Aid
1. Up to $1500 in Academic Scholarships! To learn more about our Tuition and Scholarship options, visit our Tuition and Scholarship page 

2. To learn more about participating in the Title IV Financial Aid Program, visit our Financial Aid page.
Accreditation & Approvals

Accredited by COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation)

COMTA is recognized by the United States Department of Education which enabled us to become an approved Title IV school, allowing for Federal Financial Aid for our students.

Approved by the United States Department of Education

The Center for Massage & Natural Health is accredited by COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation) which is fully approved by the United States Department of Education. Our accreditation made it possible for us to become a Title IV school so that we can now offer Federal Financial Aid, including Pell Grants, to our students.

Because CFMNH's accreditation is approved by the United States Department of Education, you are eligible to take advantage of any available tax credits and/or deductions. Please visit our Tax Credits, Deductions and Refunds page for more information. 

The US Department of Education formerly required all participating schools to publish gainful employment data. This data can be confusing to consumers and we have opted out of this requirement pursuant to the direction of the US Department of Education published on July 1, 2019. We are very proud of our student success and we happily and voluntarily report that in 2018, 88% of our students that started the program also completed the program. Ninety Five percent of our graduates that took the Massage and Bodywork License Exam passed on the first attempt. This compares to all other National results where only sixty-eight percent passed. Finally, Seventy Seven percent of our graduates for our COMTA accreditation report reported finding employment in the field. Center for Massage and Natural Health far exceeds the minimum standards of student performance and we welcome a comparison to any other school in the United States!
School No. 1 Approved with twenty-one years of continuous operations!
Licensure & Exams
As a graduate of the Center for Massage & Natural Health's Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification Program, you qualify to apply for; N.C. State Licensure through the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy and the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards. Please note that there are some states that require no exam whatsoever, or those who require their own State Board exam. These requirements change often, so please check with your state before enrolling in any school so that you are certain of the educational requirements for practicing in your state. For a current listing of individual state requirements, click HERE.  


North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy
P.O. Box 2539
Raleigh, NC 27602
Phone: 919-546-0050
Fax: 919-833-1059
Website: www.bmbt.org
Email: admin@bmbt.org
Application Request Form
Orientation Handbook for Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists in NC


All therapists in the State who fall under the scope of practice definition in the Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice Act will be required to apply for a license. This is legally defined as: Systems of activity applied to the soft tissues of the human body for therapeutic, educational or relaxation purposes. This includes anyone who is practicing massage and bodywork therapy for compensation, whether you are working full-time or part-time, self-employed or working for someone else. The only exceptions are practitioners of certain energy-based and movement repatterining techniques whose work meets specific criteria for exemption set forth in the Rules and Regulations.

Steps for Licensure in NC:
• First, take and pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) (instructions below.)
• You must contact the Board Office in writing to request an official licensure application package, which will include all required forms and complete instructions. There is a $20.00 application fee for this package which must accompany your written request. This must be in the form of a money order or certified (bank) check. No cash, personal checks or credit cards will be accepted. The Application Request Form can be downloaded in PDF format from the Document Center. (Adobe Acrobat Required). After completing the form, it may be sent directly to the Board with the application fee.
• Once you receive the application package, follow the enclosed General Instructions and use the Application Checklist to ensure that you are sending in a complete application.

You are required to:
• Meet the requirements for licensure;
• Complete the Application Form and submit it with all required documentation;
• Enclose one original passport-size photo of yourself; and
• Enclose the $150.00 Licensure Fee in the form of a certified check or money order.
• Enclose the $40.00 SBI Criminal History Report fee. Executed fingerprint card.
• Signed and dated consent form. • Other documents and information as requested.
• Once all of the above is received at the Board Office, your application will be reviewed by Board staff to determine that it is complete in form and content.


For graduates of Board-Approved schools and exempted North Carolina Community College programs: Once your application is deemed to be complete, it will take approximately 30 business days for the Board to issue a new license.

For an applicant who did not graduate from a Board-Approved school: Once the Board staff determines that your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Board's Licensure Review Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the full Board, where final action on such applications is made at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. On average, it will take 60 business days for the Board to issue a license once the application is complete.


Each application is date-stamped when received in the Board office. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Once an application is complete and correct, it will be processed and approved in no more than thirty (30) business days for applicants who graduated from an in state massage program and sixty (60) business days for applicants who graduated from an out of state massage program. Applying for Licensure by Endorsement takes 3 to 6 months.

Applications must be complete and correct before they are processed. A checklist is provided on the last page of the application booklet to help you in submitting a complete application. You will be notified in writing by the Board office of any missing, incomplete, or incorrect items. If you are required to submit additional or corrected documents, your processing period will restart when all documents are received and correct.

To ensure that all the required documents are received promptly, you may wish to send all the documents together with your application. By doing this, you will know when the documents are sent. If you must have a transcript, moral character form, or out of state verification form mailed to the Board separately from your application, that information will be filed with you application when it arrives. Processing will begin when all documentation has been received.

Please do not call the Board office to find out your license processing status during the 30 business days necessary for processing. The Board staff will not be able to confirm that your application has or has not been received. You may purchase delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service or tracking service from a commercial mailing company.

The Board staff updates the webpage weekly with the names of new licensees. If you have been issued a license number, it will be on the website, www.bmbt.org, under Look up a Licensee. 


• Fill out the Application for License Renewal. This document is available on this website in the Document Center.

• Attach documentation of approved continuing education you have completed during this licensure period. For courses taken with NCBTMB-approved providers include a photocopy of each certificate of completion. For courses taken at accredited colleges or universities include a photocopy of certificate of completion or school transcript which lists credits and grades earned.

• Submit the application and documentation with the $100.00 renewal fee (for two years) made payable to the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy. Payment is non-refundable, and may ONLY be made in the form of a certified check, money order, or personal check. Cash and credit cards are not accepted.

Your application must be received in the Board Office or postmarked by November 1, preceding the December 31st expiration date listed on your license. If you want confirmation that your application has been received by the Board, you must request that service from the Post Office or private carrier.

Licensees who do not meet this deadline will be assessed a $75.00 late renewal fee and will receive a Letter of Reprimand, and may also be subject to disciplinary action. It is essential that you meet all requirements in order to keep your license in force. Thank you in advance for your attention to this process.

If a license has been expired for more than 24 months, it cannot be renewed. The holder of such a license must apply for a new license, according to the requirements in place at the time they apply. The first step in re-applying is to download the Application Request Form from the Document Center, follow the instructions and submit the form to the Board.

(Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam)

Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam Office
150 4th Ave. North, Suite 800
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 866.962.3926
Website: www.fsmtb.org
Email: mblex@fsmtb.org


Most states have migrated towards using the MBLEx offered through the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, including North Carolina, as part of their licensure requirements.

The mission of the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) is to support its Member Boards in their work to ensure that the practice of massage therapy is provided to the public in a safe and effective manner. In carrying out this mission, the Federation ensures the provision of a valid, reliable licensing examination to determine entry-level competence.

The examination developed by the FSMTB on behalf of its Member Boards is the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx). To ensure the examination reflects current practice, a Job Task Analysis Survey was developed with contributions by over 50 content experts under the guidance of 15 testing and psychometric experts. The Job Task Analysis was further validated by input from 7,646 massage, bodywork and somatic professionals representing every state in the USA. The MBLEx is administered through Pearson VUE at high-security test centers across the United States.

To apply for the MBLEx exam ONLINE. The fee for this exam is $260.  

Graduates of our Comta Accredited 654-hour Certification Program will be prepared to:

• Plan and provide effective massage therapy sessions for a wide range of clients.
• Develop and implement a self-care strategy for maintaining a sustainable, safe, injury-free massage therapy practice.
• Cultivate successful therapeutic relationships with clients while maintaining professional and ethical roles and boundaries.
• Design and implement a strategy to create and maintain a successful massage therapy practice or employment situation.
• Meet MBLEX standards along with all educational requirements for licensure in North Carolina and other states.
• Pursue ongoing, professional development such as advanced specialty training, participation in professional organizations, and remaining current with massage therapy research.

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