Our 32-week, 654-hour Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification Program is is 2 core class days per week plus 13 clinic days.  This is designed to take you through an extraordinary, evolutionary process of learning and allow additional buffer time to complete all requirements during the scheduled period.

We begin with setting a solid foundation in Swedish Massage and in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology. 

We then take our students on a journey through introductions to other exciting bodywork modalities, allowing you to explore a wide range of approaches.

It is our goal to provide you with hands-on experience in the most popular and sought-out modalities in the massage therapy industry so that you are best equipped to accept and maintain the broadest range of clients, as well as becoming some of the most desired professionals for potential employers.

We finish our program with a focus on education that will support you to successfully apply your new massage therapy & bodywork skills in a professional capacity: Business & Marketing, Professional Ethics for Bodyworkers, and North Carolina Laws & Rules (specific to this state but helpful anywhere).  

By Graduation, you will be prepared to enter the rewarding health care field of massage therapy and bodywork with confidence from the abundance of education and practical experience you will have received from attending our program. 

Each course, including the sciences, assumes no prior knowledge and has no pre-requisite with the exception of our Supervised Clinical Practice segment, which requires successful completion of the previous course material.

Our teacher/student ratio is 16:1 for hands-on bodywork instruction and 22:1 for lectures. NOTE: A clock hour is defined as a 60-minute block of time consisting of a minimum of 50 minutes of instruction (in the physical presence of a staff member) with appropriate breaks.

Average Class Size: 14

Massage & Bodywork Therapy - 252 Hours

• Swedish Massage 80 Hours
• Neuromuscular Therapy 28 Hours
• Myofascial Deep Tissue Therapy 16 Hours
• Cranio Somatic Massage Technique 12 Hours
• Sports Massage 12 Hours
• Pregnancy and Geriatric Massage 12 Hours
• Hydrotherapy 16 Hours
• Spa Treatments and Aromatherapy 16 Hours
• Chair Massage 8 Hours
• Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure) or Thai Massage 12 Hours
• Reflexology 8 Hours
• Integrative Massage 24 Hours
• Clinic Orientation & Practice Session 4 Hours

The Sciences - 202 Hours

• The Musculoskeletal System 80 Hours - includes 10 hours of Palpation Lab
• General Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology 110 Hours - includes 12 hours of Palpation Lab
• Oriental Medical Theory 12 Hours

Allied & Self-Care Modalities - 40 Hours

• Somatic Psychology 20 Hours
• Energy-Based Work 12 hours
• Nutrition 4 Hours
• Herbology 4 Hours

Professionalism - 40 Hours

• Business & Marketing 24 Hours
• Professional Ethics for Massage Therapists 8 Hours
• North Carolina Laws & Rules 8 Hours

Supervised Clinical Practice - 100 Hours

• Hands-On, Real-Time, at our Massage Therapy Center
• 60 Massage Therapy Sessions Before Graduation
• All Sessions Evaluated by Client and Faculty

Orientation, Reviews & Finals - 20 Hours

• Orientation 4 Hours
• Exam Review 12 Hours
• Final Exam 4 Hours