10.9 Ethics: Professional Roles & Boundaries with Mike Williams 3CEU



September 29, 2023

Friday 5:30-8:30 pm

What you will learn in this course:

In this course you will:

• Develop a deep awareness of what it means to act ethically in the field of bodywork

• Understand and adhere to best business practices in massage therapy

Utilize the five elements in Chinese Medicine to relate beliefs, morals and values to ethical behavior

In this class, we will determine whether or not ethical behavior is being used, understand the difference between morals, beliefs and values and explain how morals, beliefs and values relate to ethical behavior, following best practices and understanding scope of practice and codes of ethics.

We will discuss ethical concerns and why “people do what they do” according to Chinese Medicine and the theory of the fie elements. Bodyworkers can use this information for personal reflection as well as insights to help your clients by understanding a person’s nature, personality types and symptoms of disease.

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