7.31 Introduction to Esalen® Massage with Robin Fann-Costanzo 12 CEU



July 31-August 1, 2021

Saturday 1-6 pm & Sunday 9-6 pm

What you will learn in this course:

The foundational principles & techniques of Esalen® Massage: quality of touch, presence, slow pace, long, integrative strokes & passive joint movements

Esalen® Massage expounds the practitioner’s ability to bond with their innate rhythms and intuition, awakening one to the many dimensions and powers of mindful listening. Developing this organic presence imparts the benefits of Intentional Touch allowing each session to take on an aspect of creativity and connection all its own. This class will help create a framework for students to be able to give a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience to their clients while also taking care of their own bodies. Students will be able to easily and effectively incorporate the principles of Esalen® massage into their practice.

A little about the modality:

Esalen® massage is a style of relaxation and therapeutic massage developed at the Esalen® Institute in California. The focus is on building a relationship with the client through slow, flowing strokes, excellent communication, attention to detail, and an understanding of the mind/body connection. Esalen® massage draws upon techniques from some of the leading bodywork masters to work effectively with the nervous system to create deep and therapeutic relaxation and is renowned for its ability to reestablish harmony and allow both the practitioner and client to initiate the body’s ability to restore and flourish.

Your instructor:

Robin has been studying, practicing, and teaching Esalen® massage since1992. She has worked at the Esalen® Institute, Post Ranch Spa, private practice, spa ownership, on movie sets and on the road with rock bands. Robin loves practicing Esalen® massage and considers it to be her life’s practice and work. For more information visit www.stillpointwell.com.


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