8.10 CranioSomatic Foundations-1 with Lisa Williams 16 CEU


CranioSomatic Foundations-1: 13- Sutural Releases with Lisa Williams

August 10-11, 2024

Saturday & Sunday 9-6 pm

16 CEU NCBTMB Certified


CranioSomatic Therapy is an integrative and holistic approach to treating many common dysfunctional and painful  conditions – particularly those involving muscles and joints.  It is a structural cranial approach that mobilizes and realigns cranial structures. CranioSomatic Therapy helps restore  muscle balance and shift the body’s whole structure into a more comfortable and functional alignment. Changes in muscle function are achieved using only these hands-on cranial techniques with a firm but gentle touch.

  • The CranioStructural Integration protocol includes Cranial techniques that provide – in one or two treatment sessions – very long-term benefits in structure and function; the only type of cranial therapy that has techniques effective enough to release these chronic cranial patterns.
  • The CSI methods emphasize structural and functional relationship between the cranium and the soft tissues of the body that link to specific changes in the function of specific muscles.
  • How specific muscles are affected by specific sutures – relationships and release protocols that will amaze you!
  • The use of CSI (CranioSomatic Integration) techniques and protocols make positive changes in the body’s balance mechanisms that appear to be central to long-term results.

About your instructor:

These cranial procedures will open your eyes to a new world and allow you to bring your patients comfort and improvements beyond their expectations. ​The program will enable you to effectively treat structural issues of the body. Lisa Williams has been practicing CranioSomatic Therapy for 12 years and is a certified practitioner under Doctors Dallas Hancock and Flo-Barber Hancock, who have been teaching Integrated Cranium techniques for nearly 40 years and have a thriving practice in Tampa, Florida.






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