8.19 NMT Techniques for Headaches with Judy Leppanen 16 CEU


NMT Techniques for Headache Relief with Judy Leppanen

August 19-20, 2023

Saturday & Sunday, 9-6 pm

16 CEU NCBTMB Certified

This course, NMT Techniques for Headaches, is taught using a variety of teaching

methods including lecture, power point, hands on demonstrations, supervised

application of techniques and a review of course materials. It is a step-by-step process

which teaches techniques that are precise and thorough to eliminate Trigger points that

cause headaches. The process starts with a confidential client intake and a postural

assessment. It covers, what NMT is, history of NMT, anatomy, physiology, functions

and dysfunctions of muscles, what a Trigger Point (TrP) is, different types of Trigger

Points, how they form and how to treat them. The HEADACHE seminar will also focus

on addressing the consequences of physiological conditions that can cause Trigger

Points in the neck muscles, which refer to the head. Students will learn 7 principles

that can contribute to pain in the body and how it relates to headaches.

Upon completion, students will be evaluated and tested to demonstrate their learning

proficiency and skills by practical, hands-on application of techniques learned.

A manual with muscle images containing trigger point patterns, symptoms and causes

of trigger points, treatment techniques, information about contraindications, postural

assessment information, charts and measuring devices will be provided.


About your instructor:

Judy Leppanen is a CNMT (Certified Neuromuscular Therapist) who has been practicing for 22 years.  She attended Massage school in FL and is currently licensed, and working in FL, NC and MI.  Judy is also board certified with the NCBTMB. (National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)   She trained with Paul St. John and worked in his clinic and taught with him for a few years before opening her own practice in St. Pete Beach, FL, where she specializes Chronic pain reduction and restoring physical function.  Judy is currently a faculty member at Center for Massage & Natural Health teaching the NMT portion of the curriculum.  Her passion is Janet Travell based NMT therapy and trigger point work. She enjoys travel, music, mountains and teaching people about Neuromuscular therapy.




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