9.13 Ethics: Professional Roles & Boundaries with Mike Williams 3CEU Friday 5:30-8:30pm



Friday, September 13, 2024

5:30-8:30 pm

What you will learn in this course:

In this course you will:

• Develop a deep awareness of what it means to act ethically in the field of bodywork

• Understand and adhere to best business practices in massage therapy

In this class, we will determine whether or not ethical behavior is being used, understand the difference between morals, beliefs and values and explain how morals, beliefs and values relate to ethical behavior, following best practices and understanding scope of practice and codes of ethics.

Your instructor:

Join an interactive and vibrant discussion of the many an ongoing challenges we all face in a world of emerging ethical chaos.  Work with each other and your facilitator, Mike Williams, to navigate different perspectives and use a powerful six-step solution to help recognize and solve ethical dilemma’s that seem to endlessly appear along our path! Before arriving in Asheville and purchasing CFMNH in 2015, where he has worked with over 1000 incredible massage therapists, Mike completed a doctoral program at GA State University, with an emphasis on education, business, and ethical decision making.  His past experience includes work as a master instructor and 20 years traveling throughout the globe, where he learned different perspectives, values, and principals that impact our blind spots.  His insights and work on Arms control, successfully helped to reduce nuclear strategic weapons by 1/2, making the world a safer place – literally. Join Mike and other therapists in learning from each other this active and experiential learning opportunity!