9.3 Sacred Lomi: Practices & Principles with Tony Crawford & Kim Cooper 24 CEU


Sacred Lomi: Practices and Principles

With Tony Crawford & Kim Cooper

September 3-5, 2021

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm

24 CEU-ncbtmb certified

What you will learn in this course:

You will leave this course with:

  • The ability to perform Sacred Lomi techniques on the back and front of the body
  • The ability to describe and articulate the importance of conscious touch, safe & sacred space, facilitating, receiving, listening & integration

Lomilomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage modality and has been used for healing by Hawaiian natives for centuries. It integrates awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies in relation to bodywork. It is hands on, includes alternate draping methods and primarily uses forearms as the main physical tool. It is a very flowing and fluid style of massage and can be practiced in it’s pure form or integrated into your practice in a variety of ways.

A little about the modality:

Sacred Lomi is rooted in the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. The practice integrates other lineages that support you to live a life of aloha and thrive in your massage or healing profession and in your life. Abraham Kawaii’s lineage is sometimes referred to as Temple Style Lomi, Hawaiian Temple Bodywork or Kahuna Bodywork. The flowing forearm massage techniques save your hands and protect your body. The shamanic principles and energetic awareness support you to take care of yourself and deepen your       capacity to facilitate healing for your clients.  Ho’oponopono, breath work, presence and aloha cultivate alignment with the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Your instructors: Sacred Lomi Staff Tony Crawford & Kim Cooper NCBTMB#291111-00

Tony Crawford and Kim Cooper both have years of experience practicing, facilitating, and  teaching Lomilomi with Tom Cochran and Sacred Lomi. They both hold heartfelt and safe spaces for participants to grow, open, and learn more in order to deepen their personal massage practices.

Supplies to bring with you:

2 flat sheets (preferably twin sized), 2 face cradle covers, 2-3 large bath towels, 2-3 hand towels

Supplies that will be provided onsite:

Massage tables, pillows, bolsters, chairs



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