9.7 CranioSomatic Foundations-2 with Flo Barber-Hancock & Lisa Williams 16 CEU


CranioSomatic Foundations-2: SBS Releases for the Ten Patterns with Flo Barber-Hancock/Lisa Williams

September 7-8, 2024

Saturday & Sunday 9-6 pm

16 CEU NCBTMB Certified

CranioSomatic Foundations – 2  is the second workshop of the Foundation series.  It continues to build on the knowledge and skills acquired in CSF-I.  This module provides the anatomy, physiology and cranial concepts necessary for participants to understand and treat the 10 sphenobasilar (SB) compensatory patterns.  Students also learn to identify and treat sutural restrictions among the 14 facial bones that form the jaws, orbits, and nasal cavity.  (Improved maxillofacial relationships can be an essential first step in eliminating many chronic TMJ dysfunctions and other musculoskeletal problems.)

Advanced sutural release techniques are included in this course, expanding participants’ options for treating cranial sutural dysfunctions. This workshop also expands their knowledge of the integration between cranial and somatic function.  Relationships between craniofacial dysfunction and somatic dysfunction are explained and presented in conjunction with related somatic and cranial procedures for treatment.

By the end of this second workshop, students will have the knowledge to effectively treat many CranioSomatic dysfunctions, including the 10 sphenobasilar (SBS) compensatory patterns, most sutural restrictions, and various joint dysfunctions. Participants will also have a functional understanding of global CranioSomatic relationships, with techniques and skills to apply this knowledge.


About your instructors:

Doctors Dallas Hancock and Flo-Barber Hancock have been teaching Integrated Cranium techniques for nearly 40 years and have a thriving practice in Tampa, Florida.  These cranial procedures will open your eyes to a new world and allow you to bring your patients comfort and improvements beyond their expectations. ​The program will enable you to effectively treat structural issues of the body.  Lisa Williams has been practicing CranioSomatic Therapy for 12 years and is a certified practitioner under the Hancock’s.






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