10.5 Ethics: Professional Roles & Boundaries with Evan Turnau



October 5, 2019

Saturday 9am – 12 noon

What you will learn in this course:

This class gives you the tools to become truly exceptional listeners and to recognize trauma via listening through the 3 main senses:

Auditory—Hearing and interpreting client auditory cues

Visual—Receptivity to subtle client body language

• Palpatory—Interpreting clients reactions via touch perception

A little about the modality:

The Turnau Method of Ethics and Trauma teaches the skills to become better listeners and body workers. Trauma can range from simply tripping on a curb and stubbing our toe, to chronic back pain, and even trauma from abuse. As therapeutic bodyworkers it is imperative that we learn to listen to trauma. Clients may not always be able to explain what has traumatically occurred, so listening skills are key to becoming a truly successful therapist.

Your instructor:

With over 20 years experience, Evan Turnau is a certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist, a massage therapist, and the founder of the Turnau Method of Integrated Bodywork. Evan studied with Robert Stevens in New Mexico at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics becoming proficient in Polarity Therapy and Core Synchronism. Evan also studied at Educating Hands School for Massage in Miami, Florida.