9.20 Heart of Ethics With Dianna Lee Duffy



September 20, 2019

Friday 5:30-8:30 pm

What you will learn in this course:

In this course you will:

Understand the benefits of using the Heart with all matters concerning your life and practice.

Understand the difference between a Heart based practice and one that primarily uses logical facilities

Be able to feel the difference between Heart and Brain and be able to apply these understandings

Be able to use these newly acquired skills to review the ethical aspects of your practice

These principles are seamless and can be applied everywhere, including all aspects of ones practice. Much of the class will be spent experiencing the Heart based experience, and a great deal of discussion is encouraged to make sure participants are feeling what is being shown to them.

Your instructor:

Dianna has been learning and using the Heart as her guiding path for life and work for 18 years. She spends usually 6 or more weeks a year in meditation retreats using this approach to a peaceful, happy, fulfilling life.