The Center for Massage & Natural Health prides itself on the quality of its faculty and staff. They have gathered here from all over the globe and formed one of the most amazing massage school staff in the world.

Our faculty and staff are carefully selected to bring the highest quality experience to our students. They are thoroughly trained in-house to fully understand and uphold the principles, goals and objectives of our school.

Cumulative number of years our Faculty have been teaching: 300+ YEARS !  

Administrative Staff

Lisa Williams, LMBT
Therapy Center Director
Lisa is a practicing licensed massage therapist who has a passion for helping improve function and vitality to others’ lives.She specializes in integrative and craniosacral techniques and has built thriving practices before joining CFMNH. In addition to herexpertise in bodywork, she has also earned her BA in Education and Masters in Counseling.

With her 25 years of experience in the classroom and field of education, Lisa enjoys sharing her knowledge to facilitate learning. She enjoys the application of the sciences with indicative bodywork techniques that work together towards solving client issues. Her focus is on facilitating the best experience at CFMNH.
Michael Williams, DBA, abd
Program Director
With 25 years of leadership experience and completion of his doctoral coursework, Mike brings business and academic expertise to his role as Program Director for CFMNH. His background includes extensive training in survival, endurance techniques, business practices, and ethics disciplines that he applies in every day life.

Mike particularly enjoys helping others improve their knowledge and skills. His driving force is delivering exceptional experiences that improve the lives of students, customers, and fellow team members. Mike is a strong advocate for natural health and is proud to enable others to reach their goal of becoming a practicing member in the field.  
Melly Kratsch, LMBT
Admissions Director
Melly graduated our program 2 years ago and now a licensed massage therapist. She can provide a unique perspective having recently gone through the program and is eager to help new and prospective students with any concerns! Melly participates in the CFMNH Professional Massage Program.    
Martha Hansen, LMBT
Dean of Students
chiropractor offices and in spa settings since graduating. She is also a certified Full-Spectrum Healer and a graduate of the 3-year Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Additionally, she spent a couple of years as an EFT practitioner and life coach. Her passion is personal growth and a holistic approach to the body/life; she thoroughly enjoys combining her speaking, training & administrative skills with her hands on knowledge and passion for seeing others grow and develop into more authentic and complete versions of themselves!
Dawn Sponseller
Financial Aid Director
Dawn is essential to the enrollment process for many of our students who require Federal Financial Aid. She assists our students with the Financial Aid application process, registers them in our Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) where students can continue with the Financial Aid application from the comfort of their own homes, or right here at our school, and answers the many questions that come up along the way.  
Dawn is responsible for maintaining student financial accounts, the distribution of Financial Aid loans and grants and providing invoices and statements for our students from the beginning of the enrollment process through graduation. Her innate intelligence, ongoing professional training in the world of Federal Financial Aid, acute organizational skills, and sensitivity to the needs of our students are what set her apart in such a vital supporting role to our students. Our students receive continued support in the financial aspects of their education during the Program and after graduation.